More than $1,700 stolen from Wawa gas pump using special device: police

A New Jersey man was arrested on felony charges after police say he committed a fuel heist totaling more than $1,700.

Delaware State troopers say Kelvin Giron-Brand, 34, installed a special device on a fuel pump at a Wawa in New Castle this week.

The device allows the pump to dispense a large amount of fuel for almost no money.

Giron-Brand paid less than $20 for the $1,700 worth of gas containers found in his van, according to authorities.


Police say similar thefts have become a trend at local Wawa gas stations.

The device was recovered, and Giron-Brand was charged with felony shoplifting and related offenses.


Editor's Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the amount of money alleged to have been taken as $17,000. This article has been updated to reflect the amount reported by police - $1,700.