Minneapolis PD officer outed as OnlyFans model after pulling over subscriber

A Minneapolis police officer was apparently outed as an OnlyFans model last week after she pulled over a driver who turned out to be a subscriber to her page.

This weekend, FOX 9 learned that the officer was now being investigated by the police department, to determine if she broke any police policy or guidelines by working as an erotic model.

The officer, who FOX 9 is not identifying, is a well-respected cop and has been recognized for her police work. But, now she's in hot water for her side job.

The driver who recognized the officer tells FOX 9 he has been following her OnlyFans page for five months. He says it took ten minutes before he figured it out.

"Then we were doing a little talking and checking and I was like, ‘Man, she got an OnlyFans page. I’m on her OnlyFans page,’" shared the driver.

The driver says he's seen the Fourth Precinct officer have sex and post explicit photos.

"You got to go to the VIP and you get to see the videos of her and her, I guess husband, I guess that’s who it is, they do full sex videos," the driver further described.

The officer appears to have been running an OnlyFans site that offers a range of adult content, including pornography and customized videos, for an undetermined period. The police chief has confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine if the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) policy has been violated in any way. Meanwhile, the driver says the realization changed his perspective during the stop.

"You can’t arrest me no more; I’ve seen your private parts," the driver stated. He tells FOX 9 being a cop and an OnlyFans model doesn't mix.

"I wouldn’t want her to be arresting me and I just saw you and your husband last night for $29.99 have sex on OnlyFans. I just can't respect you or the precinct that you’re working at," he added.

On Sunday, a spokesperson for Mayor Jacob Frey released the following statement: "If all we're talking about is naked pictures behind a paywall, the mayor has no issue. However, the chief will determine if there are any policy violations."

It's not clear how long the investigation will take. But, as of the last check, the officer’s OnlyFans page is still up and running. FOX 9 did ask how long colleagues and administrative staff have been aware of the site, but we did not get an answer.