May I take your order? Ben Affleck surprises customers at Dunkin’ drive-thru

Ben Affleck handles orders at Dunkin' drive-thru in Massachusetts. (Credit: Lisa MacKay)

It was no ordinary Dunkin’ run Tuesday for Lisa Mackay, who spotted and snapped a picture of Ben Affleck handling her drive-thru order. 

"I was getting my morning coffee, and Ben was at the speaker taking my order," the Massachusetts woman told FOX Television Stations. 

"Then [he] was at the window to hand it to me!" she continued. "Super nice, very funny. A nice way to start my day."

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Mackay’s photo is now spreading across the internet. It shows the 50-year-old Affleck wearing an "America runs on Dunkin’" shirt with an iced coffee in his hand, wearing a headset at the drive-thru. 

According to WHDH, the Hollywood icon and his famous wife, Jennifer Lopez, were spotted at the doughnut chain in Medford. Affleck later handed out doughnuts and coffee at a nearby fire station. 

According to the news outlet, the Dunkin’ location was actually closed for much of the day, but a few early customers got the surprise of their lifetime. 

The company hasn’t said why the actor was at the donut shop. FOX Television Stations has reached out for comment. 

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Affleck’s love for Dunkin’ is well-documented on social media through pictures. A company executive previously told the Insider Affleck was a "true lover of the brand."

Affleck grew up in Massachusetts outside Boston. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.