Man killed by guard dogs in boarded up Detroit building thought they were in trouble

A 58-year-old man described as an animal lover was killed Wednesday after he was apparently trying to rescue two dogs who were inside of a boarded up building in Southwest Detroit.

Two men working near Livernois and Fort Street on the city's southwest side saw two dogs looking out of a window of a boarded up building Wednesday morning when the Plymouth man went inside to see what was going on with the dogs and if they needed help.

The man's coworker said he saw the dogs had blood on them and went inside the building, where he found the 58-year-old man dead. According to Detroit Police, it looked like had been bitten on his face.

The victim was described as an animal lover who was always taking in animals in need.

The address is the same where another suspicious death happened. On Sept. 7, 2022, Detroit Police were called to the same address when someone apparently broke in and was found dead. Police at the time told us that had come into contact with the man but it was unclear how he died.

There has still not been a cause of death determined for that man. The Wayne County Medical Examiner said "there are external findings that require further interpretation."

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On Wednesday, the people who manage the proper would not comment on whether they have guard dogs at the building.

"I have no idea, no comment," the unnamed project manager said. 

We spoke to the victim’s family, who told us off camera that they had some concerns over the security of the building where this happened. No other details were released.

The dogs are both licensed and vaccinated and are currently in a mandatory 10-day quarantine with Detroit Animal Control to be evaluated for their demeanor and rabies. After ten days, a determination about the dogs will be made.