Kendrick Lamar accuses Drake of being a 'certified pedophile' in 'Not Like Us' diss track

Kendrick Lamar continues to air out scathing allegations against Drake. Less than a day after comparing Drake to Harvey Weinstein and accusing the Degrassi star-turned-hip-hop megastar of having a "secret daughter" in Kendrick's diss track titled, "Meet the Grahams," the Compton native dropped yet another song blasting the Canadian rapper.

Over the weekend, Kendrick released a song titled "Not Like Us," accusing Drake of being a pedofile in the lyrics.

"Certified Lover Boy? Certified pedofiles," Kendrick said in the latest diss track.

"Say, Drake, I hear you like 'em young. You better not ever go to cell block one. To any ***** that talk to him and they in love. Just make sure you hide your lil' sister from him," Kendrick adds in the song.

The allegations prompted Drake to vehemently deny the pedofilia allegations. In a rebuttal-themed diss track titled "The Heart Part 6," he explicitly denied having sexual relations with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown – who he befriended long before the actress turned 18 in 2022.

"These pedophile raps and **** you so obsessed with, it's so excessive," Drake said in the song. "Drake is not a name that you gon' see on no sex offender list, Eazy-Duz-It… Only ******* with Whitneys, not Millie Bobby Browns, I'd never look twice at no teenager."

The Compton native also mocked the Canadian rapper for being associated with "Baka Not Nice," a rapper signed with Drake's label OVO who was once connected to a human trafficking case. The charges against Baka Not Nice have since been dropped.

"Baka got a weird case, why is he around?" Kendrick said in the song.

In Drake's "The Heart Part 6," he accused Kendrick of planting "lies" to the internet with the explosive allegations surrounding the Canadian rapper.

"You would be a worthy competitor if I was really a predator and you weren't ******* lying to every blogger and editor, but It is what it is," Drake said in the diss track. "Just let me know when we're gettin' to the facts."

Drake had previously accused Kendrick Lamar of being involved in a domestic violence incident in the song "Family Matters," and in "The Heart Part 6," he called the Compton native a "woman beater."

"I don't wanna fight with a woman beater, it feeds your nature," Drake said in "The Heart Part 6."

In the previous exchange of NSFW insults and allegations between the two rappers, Kendrick called Drake a "sick man with sick thoughts."

"Your son's a sick man with sick thoughts, I think ****** like him should die. Him and Weinstein should get ****** up in a cell for the rest they life," Kendrick said of Drake in "Meet the Grahams."

In "Family Matters," Drake mocked Kendrick for his short stature.

In addition to the Weinstein reference in "Meet the Grahams," Kendrick cryptically compared Drake to hip-hop mogul Diddy, whose house was recently raided by the feds over a sex trafficking investigation.

"I been in this industry twelve years, I'ma tell y'all one lil' secret. It's some weird shit goin' on and some of these artists be here to police it. They be streamlinin' victims all inside of they home and callin' 'em tender… 'The Embassy' bout to get raided too, it's only a matter of time," Kendrick said in the song, referring to the Embassy as Drake's home.

The Compton native also mocked Drake for having a very NSFW video get leaked onto the internet.