Kanye West selling all new merch for 'Vultures' album for $20

Kanye West is seen on February 02, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West recently dropped merch on his website for his new "Vultures 1" album and everything is $20.

Fans will either be ecstatic at those prices or upset since the YZY Pods – the first shoe by Ye since his split with Adidas – were priced at $200 before Feb. 11. 

The $20-priced pieces include the YZY Pods, the WET tank, the the WET romper, the "Vultures 1" box tee, the "Vultures" logo box tee a long-sleeve logo shirt a "Vultures" long-sleeve shirt featuring cover-art inspired by the controversial Scandinavian black metal artist "Burzum," and "vulture pants. 

The $20 price tag is in different form previous merch releases by YE which made headlines for how expensive they were. 

Back in 2016, Ye was under fire for using Gildan shirts which typically cost between $1.50 and $4 when purchased in bulk and wholesale and reselling them with his own designs for anywhere from $55 to $100. 

Ye hinted at the new $20 pricing and even posted on social media Sunday evening "YEEZY.COM EVERYTHING $20 AS PROMISED."

The release of Ye's merch and new album come after a series of offensive and antisemitic rants that is unfortunately all too common for the controversial rapper. 

Last year in December 2023, Ye issued an apology to the Jewish community in an Instagram post written in Hebrew. 

"I sincerely apologize to the Jewish community for any unintended outburst caused by my words or actions," Ye wrote.

"It was not my intention to offend or demean, and I deeply regret any pain I may have caused," continued the rapper, who legally changed his name to Ye in 2021.

The statement came less than two weeks after Ye went on an antisemitic rant in Las Vegas while promoting his upcoming album "Vultures," due out Jan. 12. 

In the rant, he made insidious insinuations about Jewish influence and compared himself to Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler.

The new "Vultures" merchandise is now some of the first available products since Ye's departure from Gap following his offensive rants. 

In Sept. 2022, Ye dropped The Gap before launching his new website with plans to open up his own retail stores. 

The billionaire musician-fashion mogul sent a termination letter to The Gap accusing it of failing to live up to its agreements to market the Yeezy fashion line, and is announcing that he is starting his own Yeezy stores around the world. Ye is planning to open thousands of stores.

"GAP left Ye no choice but to terminate their collaboration agreement because of GAP’s substantial noncompliance," says Ye's attorney Nicholas Gravante, Co-Chair of the Global Litigation Group at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP.

"Ye had diligently tried to work through these issues with GAP both directly and through counsel. He had gotten nowhere."

FOX Business contributed to this story.