'I got you': Father carries paralyzed son up stairs when train station elevator breaks

A recent viral video on TikTok shows the incredible bond between a young man with a spinal cord injury and his parents.

Mason Brandstrator, who frequently posts about his life as a paraplegic on TikTok, recently shared a video in which his dad had to carry him up three flights of stairs while visiting Berlin. 

Brandstrator had set his camera at the bottom of the stairs with a caption that reads "when the elevators broken but your parents got you."

In the video, Brandstrator's dad approaches the problem saying "I got you" while carrying his son on his back while his mother brings the wheelchair up the stairs after them.

He uploaded the footage to TikTok with the caption, "When the elevator’s broken but your parents have your back," and said that his father had never once complained about helping him since his injury three years ago.

"That was wonderful to watch, you have amazing parents!" wrote one TikTok user. "Parents will do anything for their children," wrote another. 

Branstrator has a fairly large following on his social media with over 41,000 followers and 2.2 million likes. 

He typically posts day-in-the-life videos that showcase how he has overcome his injury. 

Storyful contributed to this story. It was reported from Los Angeles.