'I am in a tornado': Driver finds himself inside of storm in Grapevine

At least 5 people were injured in the probable tornado that hit Grapevine on Tuesday, and Blake Foster is lucky he's not one of them.

Foster took a video of himself driving through the city on Tuesday as he was headed home when he heard sirens. In moments, he noticed what appeared to be a tornado right over him.

Foster can be heard saying the storm is "coming right across" the street, when suddenly debris started rushing past his car.

"I'm in a tornado," Foster can be heard saying over the roar of the storm and debris smashing into his vehicle.

A trash can and umbrella can be seen hitting his car.

Foster’s only protection was his Toyota Tundra as he waited for it to pass. A few minutes later, he realized he was safe. 

To his left, Foster noticed people trapped under a car wash at the corner of Northwest Highway and Dove Road. Bricks from the business buckled from the storm. 


A trash can and umbrella can be seen hitting his car.

Once the storm slightly eased up, Foster focused on a car wash across the street which sustained serious damage. He was not injured.

The National Weather Service is expected to survey the area to determine if the storm from Grapevine was a tornado and how strong the winds were.

Oncor reported 8,000 customers were without power Tuesday morning. That number was cut in half by sundown. 

The Rec of Grapevine is open for anyone who needs shelter.