Horse rescued from pool after being frightened during North Carolina storm

Ms. Lexi stuck in a pool with Wesley Chapel Fire department crews at the scene.  (Wesley Chapel Fire Department)

Earthshaking thunder, bright bursts of lightning and howling winds can cause anyone to revert to basic instincts and jump or hide during a particularly strong storm, and animals are no exception. 

That was the case for a horse in North Carolina named Ms. Lexi. 

After storms rolled through North Carolina Saturday evening, Wesley Chapel firefighters were called to a home for a large animal rescue. 

Ms. Lexi stuck in a pool.  (Wesley Chapel Fire Department)

When they arrived, they found Ms. Lexi trapped in a swimming pool. She’d been there since 9 a.m. local time after being frightened by the storm, according to the Wesley Chapel Fire Department. 

Ms. Lexi and rescue crews.  (Georgeville Fire Department)

Firefighters arrived to find the 1,200-pound horse in a 6-foot-deep pool and had to call for extra help from Cabarrus County Large Animal Rescue Task Force, as well as Midland Fire and Rescue and the Georgeville Fire Department. 

Ms. Lexi back on her feet after being rescued from a pool.  (Wesley Chapel Fire Department)

After concocting four different plans to get Ms. Lexi out of the pool, rescuers decided to create a "mechanical advantage rope system" to slide the horse out of the pool. 

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Ms. Lexi stuck in a pool.  (Wesley Chapel Fire Department)

A couple of hours later, Ms. Lexi was back on her feet and a veterinarian was on scene to give her a checkup before sending her on her way, according to the fire department. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.