George Floyd's uncle speaking at Harvard University on April 18

George Floyd's uncle, Selwyn Jones, will speak at Harvard University on Thursday, April 18.

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Four years after Floyd's murder by Minnesota police officers, Jones is speaking at Harvard on turning grief into activism.

The symposium, called "Channeling Grief Into Activism", will also feature Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner. They’ll be sharing their experience and insight on transforming personal loss into impactful social advocacy. 

The appearance is also part of a push for The Medical Civil Rights Act, a bill that will be under consideration by state lawmakers in Massachusetts on April 30. It was approved by government officials in Connecticut last year and would establish the legal right to medical care during any police interaction or incarceration where an individual communicates that they’re in a crisis and needs aid.

Timeline of the death and events following the death of George Floyd

Speaking about the upcoming symposium event at Harvard University, Selwyn said, "We just want change. This bill is all about saving and preserving life. We’re trying to make sure that what I saw my nephew have to go through doesn’t happen to anyone else’s family ever again."

Turning an unimaginable tragedy into an opportunity for change, Selwyn is moving forward and pushing for more progress to make communities everywhere better for all our children.


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