'Fly Eagles Fly': Amazon's Alexa predicts Philadelphia Eagles will win Super Bowl LVII

"Alexa, who’s gonna win Super Bowl LVII?"

The Amazon voice assistant heard in homes across the nation has spoken, and she is predicting that the Philadelphia Eagles will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Alexa makes her prediction clear when you ask the simple question, "Alexa, who’s gonna win the Big Game?" 

Her answer is bound to make Eagles fans even more hype - if that's even possible!

"The Chiefs and their offense are favored," Alexa's prediction begins. "But, this game’s gonna come down to one thing: defense. My prediction? The Eagles and their defense are gonna soar to their second Super Bowl win. Fly Eagles Fly!"


With technology and an unrivaled fan base on their side, get ready to watch the Eagles fly!

Let's just hope Alexa's prediction is right this time! The AI also believed the Phillies would win the 2022 World Series, which they ultimately lost to the Houston Astros.