Financial infidelity? Over 40% of US adults say they've kept money secrets

Close to half of U.S. adults who are married or living with a partner say they’ve kept a financial secret from their significant other, according to a new survey

Bankrate, a financial service company, reported that 42% of those polled in their survey confessed to having kept a money secret from their partner. 

Moreso, 28% of these adults believe that keeping a financial secret from a romantic partner is as bad as physical cheating, with 7% saying it’s worse than a physical affair. 

So, what does it mean to be financially unfaithful in a relationship? 

Several ways were admitted in the survey, with the most common answer being spending more money than your partner would be OK with. 

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Other answers ranged from raking up secretive debt to having secret accounts. 

Bankrate completed the study in December 2023. 

This story was reported from Detroit.