Educational toys kids will love

These toys to turn playtime into learning time.

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Space Rover Coding Set


Kids code their way to all-new screen-free coding and STEM skills every time the blast off for adventure with the Space Rover Coding Activity Set from Learning Resources. Powered by simple push-button coding, this coding toy’s ready for all kinds of missions. Kids can plot their coding path with the coding cards, then send their rover out to grab the magnetic space rocks, meet up with the astronaut figure, and return safely back to base. | Buy It

PYXEL Coding Dog


Kids learn to code as they use their tablet to program PYXEL A Coder’s Best Friend to perform actions, change color and expression, do tricks, make sounds, and more! Perfect for coding beginners or pros, this pet teaches YOU new tricks by helping kids learn to code in two coding languages: Blocky and Python. | Buy It

Kanoodle Pyramid Edition


The TikTok sensation now has a new shape! Join the 4-million other players around the world who can’t get enough of this best-selling, award-winning, brain-bending line of puzzle games. Includes a unique puzzle tabletop board and nine oversized triangular pieces that fit together to solve 200 2- and 3-dimensional puzzles. | Buy It

Discovery Mindblown


Build working gadgets and gizmos with the Action Circuitry Electronic Experiment Set from Discovery #MINDBLOWN! You can build kinetic sculptures and spinning robots, and even exciting toys that launch and levitate objects! | Buy It

Crayola Color Chemistry Set


The Crayola Color Chemistry Set for Kids is jam-packed with playful science experiments for kids that explore their favorite subject — color! This science kit includes an easy-to-read instruction booklet that is packed with 50 colorful science activities and kids’ crafts to try out at home. With enough Crayola supplies for 16 experiments right out of the box, this kids’ chemistry set brings color to classics like the volcano. | Buy It

Spy Labs Forensic Investigation Kit


Can you identify an unknown liquid or powder? What secrets become visible under a UV light? How do you analyze fingerprints, soil, ink, and handwriting samples? Assume the role of a forensic scientist to find out! Perform experiments on evidence in this large laboratory station using chemical and physical techniques. Analyze solids and liquids, make a fluorescent solution, inspect invisible ink, lift fingerprints, look for counterfeit bills, and examine ink using chromatography. | Buy It

Britannica's Encyclopedia Infographica 


This authoritative encyclopedia is perfect for visual learners. It reveals astonishing information about space, Earth, animals, humans, and technology through 200 infographics, including maps, charts, timelines, and more! | Buy It