Domino's offering $500,000 in grants to 20 towns for snow plowing

A food courier for Domino's Pizza rides a bicycle in the snow.

Domino's announced it will award $500,000 in grants to towns that get inundated by snowy weather during the holiday season. 

According to the company, 20 towns will receive $25,000 in snow plowing grants to "ensure that hot pizzas are accessible for carryout customers this winter."

"At Domino's we've made delivery cars with warming ovens built in, paved roads to get your pizza home hot and in perfect condition, and offered pizza insurance for when anything goes awry," said Joe Jordan, Domino's president of U.S. and global services. "To us, nothing should stand in the way of getting a delicious pizza, including snowy, cold weather. So yes—you heard it right: a pizza company is actually helping to plow roads."

Customers can nominate their hometown for a grant by visiting

The nomination period will be open from Dec. 4, 2023, - Jan. 21, 2024, and is limited to one submission per email address. 

The chosen towns will be announced mid-January, the company says.