Lakewood Church Shooting: Shooter 'demonstrates no attachment' to her son and calls him 'the boy'

The woman who investigators say opened fire inside Lakewood Church has a long criminal record. Genesse Moreno, also went by the name Jeffrey Escalante, and has criminal charges for everything from drugs to theft to assault dating back to 2005.

According to divorce records from Montgomery County, Moreno's ex-husband is a registered sex offender, and her son is special needs, and she "demonstrates no attachment to the child" and calls him "the boy" instead of using his name and "doesn't make eye contact with him."

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The documents go on to say Child Protective Services investigated the family several times and Moreno, "has a history of erratic paranoid, stalking behavior and was diagnosed as exhibiting Munchausen by proxy," and that she stored a loaded gun in her then 3-year-old's diaper bag.

Now at age seven, investigators say Genesse Moreno took her little boy into Lakewood Church, and she opened fire with an AR-15.

Detectives have searched Moreno's Conroe home, where she's said to have lived with her mother, who, according to court documents, the mother and daughter, "completed, filed and falsified a birth certificate" to say her son had only one living parent. In the search of the house, it was unclear if bomb-making materials would be found.  

"So we did have some concern that there may be explosives or items used to make bombs there at the location. On everything I've heard from law enforcement that handled the scene, I do believe it is safe," says Felony Division Chief with the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office Donna Hansen. 

Some of Moreno's neighbors say in the four years she's lived in the Conroe home, there's been one incident with her after another, and they say police have been called several times. 

"She tried to run us over," says one neighbor. 

"Her way of intimidation was to bring the gun cases in and out, crossbows. She'd come out, have her gun cases, do heil Hitler, flip you off, call you the b-word, or something. It was something every day," says another neighbor.  

Moreno previously posted on social media a document showing she made a monetary donation to Lakewood Church.