Costco fans can now buy Monopoly game based on the warehouse store

FILE - Costco Monopoly board game.  (Image courtesy of Costco Wholesale)

Calling all Costco fans!

There’s a new Costco-themed Monopoly board game available exclusively at Costcos everywhere. 

The board game, which was released this month, is a nod to Costco’s 40th anniversary, according to a company spokesperson. 

"We felt it was an item that Costco members would love to purchase," the spokesperson said. 

The game is oversized, measuring 22" x 22", and even has unique game pieces that will be sure to make Costco fanatics go wild. 

Instead of the traditional top hat, thimble, and other Monopoly game pieces, the Costco-themed game will have iconic pieces associated with the store, including the famous Costco pizza, hotdog and drink combo, a shopping cart, a pallet jack, and a teddy bear. 

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The entire board also has custom illustrations "lovingly drawn" by a Costco super-fan, and each illustration showcases specific Costco locations across the globe. 

The game even comes with a mini pallet to place the "Gold Star Member" chance cards. 

There are also a pair of extra large Costco-themed dice, which are red and blue, because – Costco. 

The game retails for $44.99.  

This story was reported from Los Angeles.