Assault citation issued to 14-year-old who sucker punched Illinois youth wrestler after match: police

A teen has been issued a citation for sucker-punching another wrestler in the face after a competition earlier this month, police said.

On April 8, Oak Park police responded to River Forest High School after a 14-year-old sustained a bloody nose during a youth wrestling competition, the Beat the Streets Chicago Freestyle & Greco Tournament hosted by USA Wrestling.

Parents of the victim told police their son was struck in the face unprovoked at the end of a match.

Officers watched a video of the match, which confirmed the victim's account of the attack.

The other 14-year-old boy responsible for the attack told police he struck his opponent, who he had no prior relationship with, because he was angry that he lost the match. The parents of the boy said they would cooperate with any future investigation from the police.

The victim's family informed Oak Park police they wanted to pursue criminal charges against the other teen.

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On Thursday, the offender received a local ordinance citation for assault and was charged under the Village of Oak Park code, police said.

An adjudication hearing is scheduled for next month. 

Neither boy is an Oak Park resident or student at Oak Park River Forest High School, according to police.