3 'January 6 fugitives' arrested in Florida 3 years after riot, according to FBI

Jonathan Daniel Pollock, Olivia Michele Pollock, and Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III were all arrested in Lake County exactly three years after the Capitol riot, according to officials.

"If you were there, and you were involved and violent towards the Capitol police, towards law enforcement or involved in obstructing or attempting to obstruct the function of government," said Tampa criminal defense attorney Anthony Rickman. "The federal prosecutors, they're going to come after you, and they're not going to stop until you are prosecuted."


Jonathan Pollock jumping towards law enforcement.

A statement from the FBI Tampa Division states that the trio was arrested early Saturday morning at a ranch in Groveland.

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The FBI offered "a reward of up to $30,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction" of Jonathan Pollock while he was on the run.

Jonathan and Olivia Pollock were both accused of attacking Capitol police during the riot.

Upon their pre-trial releases, Olivia Pollock and Hutchinson were both ordered to wear GPS ankle monitors by the courts.

Olivia Pollock was set to appear in court this week but has not been seen since last February. 

"These defendants were advised to be in court, advised to appear in trial, and rather than appear in trial, they cut off their monitors and they fled," Rickman said.


Jonathan Pollock was on the run, according to officials.

Additionally, Olivia Pollock and Hutchinson were ordered to not have any communication with Jonathan Pollock.

"Now that all three have been arrested together, we know that they have violated an additional court order by having contact with Jonathan Pollock and aiding and abetting him from being captured by law enforcement," explained Rickman.

Authorities say the defendants are scheduled to appear in Federal Court in Ocala on Monday, Jan. 8.

No further details concerning their capture are available at this time, according to the FBI.