Shirley Descorbeth

Shirley Descorbeth

Digital Journalist

My passion for media began as a kid who absolutely loved watching the news. I was in awe of female journalists who seemed to know everything about their local communities and the world. I aspired to be just like them but becoming a broadcast journalist felt like a far-fetched dream for a Haitian-American girl born in Chicago. However, with a lot of hard work, determination, and a few moves to different states – it all worked out!

I joined LiveNOW from FOX’s Phoenix team in April 2022 looking to embrace the new challenge of digital streaming, while also escaping the cold winters of the Midwest. Before this, I worked in various aspects of media: traditional local TV news, cable news, digital advertising, and even a short stint in radio promotions. Prior to LiveNOW, I was part of the launch team at NewsNation as a zone manager/content producer. I have also chased down stories as a reporter for CBS 58 in Milwaukee and KWWL in Iowa.

I earned a master's degree in Public Affairs Reporting and a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism -- both from the University of Illinois.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, going hiking, doing yoga, and traveling to new places. To me, life is an adventure and my career certainly has been just that. Fun fact: I grew up speaking fluent Spanish and Haitian-Creole, but nowadays, it’s more like Spanglish and Creoleish!